A page for the motonaughts racing team

Yamaha Footpegs

Riding last week the right footpeg fell off of my Yamaha. After some asking around I found a welder who would do the job for 20$. After he finished the welding job, we noticed how severely bent the footpegs were. It’s pretty clear the bike has been crashed or at least the pegs have banged…
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RC51 Winter Rebuild Start

I had my suspicions that the bike was crashed at least once before I bought it since it had some bodywork cracks.

The New Logo

After much deliberation and excellent customer service, the logo is complete. Thank you so much to Nikolina of NINA Art and Design for this kick-ass logo design. Between the font and the smooth lines, this logo encompasses exactly what we were looking for as a team.

An excellent 2016 season

  Wow, what a season. My first foray into racing was filled with such adrenaline I can’t wait to have more. This has been one of the best summers I can remember. It was filled with the awesome people of the EMRA and the smell of race fuel lingering in the air. What has been…
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