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We Ain’t Rushin’ Motorcycle Tour

First tour of the year with the aptly named we aint rushin’ tour on my vintage 1972 Yamaha LS2 that has appeared on this site many times. I thought this would be an ideal bike to make a short distance tour on. I’ve been pining to take this out for a long time, so when…
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Yamaha Sprocket Change and Camping

Got the new sprockets in the mail! I set to work to get them on the Yamaha, I plan on using the old chain, cutting it down to size. 

Yamaha Footpegs

Riding last week the right footpeg fell off of my Yamaha. After some asking around I found a welder who would do the job for 20$. After he finished the welding job, we noticed how severely bent the footpegs were. It’s pretty clear the bike has been crashed or at least the pegs have banged…
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RC51 Winter Rebuild Start

I had my suspicions that the bike was crashed at least once before I bought it since it had some bodywork cracks.