New Store and Round 1 2018

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New Store and Round 1 2018

Big day for Motonaughts Racing! We’ve launched a new store for our fans, friends, and damily to help support the team. Working with Printful we have launched a line of merchandise, with proceeds going to the team beer and parts fund. Cody and I designed some cool looking gear to wear to show your support for the team so make sure you check it out! At the top of the page hit Shop button to see our current range. We’ll be looking to add more as we come up with more ideas.

It was also Cody’s first weekend on the legendary Honda RC51. After spending last season on the Ninja 250r we have decided to retire the bike from race duty and move it to a spare trackday weapon. This means that Cody had to learn to handle the massive hp jump to the old Honda.

The morning of the practice we got a little rushed and behind schedule, and with Cody eager to get out, we had the bike on tire warmers for around 10 minutes. Unfortunately, this of course led to an almost immediate crash on corner 12. With the crew scrambling, we managed to get the bike running back in time to hit the afternoon practice sessions, this time with enough time on the warmers to get the grip we need. Some special thanks for the surrounding pits for lending us some tools and expertise.

The next day went much more smoothly with lessons learned from practice, and it was here we saw Cody make his 1:49.1 time, a new personal best around the circuit on a brand new bike, lots of time to improve on for sure – but with no crashes we got the baseline we were looking for. The first race saw Cody at the back of the grid, a perfect place to get his race launch dialed in. Passing several people he had a final position of 22/30 riders! The next race had him at the start of the grid with a final position of 18/26 not bad for our first weekend.

We’d like to extend our most sincere appreciation for our friends and family who came out to see us, it was a tremendous weekend. Make sure you check out our new store, and we’ll see you at the next round.

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