RC51 Winter Rebuild Start

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RC51 Winter Rebuild Start

I had my suspicions that the bike was crashed at least once before I bought it since it had some bodywork cracks.But now I can see that the radiator had some cracks on the inside with some pretty bad welding work when I took them off to reroute some cables that were close to the fan. This was the same radiator that took damage when I crashed the bike in 2016.  This could be a nice opportunity to buy a front mount radiator kit. I’d like to have one on standby for when the next crash happens.

In other news I cleaned up the electrical wiring, and got the airbox ready to come off. I don’t have a JIS driver long enough to take out the final velocity stack so I had to order in one. I’m going to need to start the tuning process, my last performance tuner did not do a great job. I’m running super rich, fouling at least one set of plugs a year and he claimed 170HP on the tune! Unless I have the fastest RC51 is history indicates his dyno is way off.

I think that this winter I’ll also look into fixing/upgrading my front forks and rear shock, 2018 I want to make a race year, which for me means many more track days and less adventure touring on the Aprilia. I need much more track time to get better, these two or so races a year ain’t cutting it.


Bonus Yamaha LS2 Update:

The Yamaha is riding amazingly in this weather. The damaged front fork tubes are starting to show more and more these days. I am not having a lot of luck on eBay to find an affordable option to replace or fix them, so I’ll have to live with it for the time being. But eventually it will need reworked suspension.

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