Yamaha Sprocket Change and Camping

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Yamaha Sprocket Change and Camping

Got the new sprockets in the mail! I set to work to get them on the Yamaha, I plan on using the old chain, cutting it down to size. 

Removing the old front sprocket was easy, and with some mallet work the new one came on without any issues. Going to the back wheel to replace the rear sprocket, I had some issue taking the wheel off. I also noticed a large amount of play in the dampers. I think I will need to get some replacements very soon with too much play at the hub.  Regardless of that, I replaced the sprocket and cut down the chain. It also gave me an opportunity to use my new motion pro chain alignment tool. After adjusting the slack this thing made it incredibly easy to adjust the chain on a 50 year old machine, where I have no reason at all to trust the adjustment marks.

Winter Camping

I also had an opportunity to start the winter camping. Packed up my hammock and all the essentials and my buddy Joel came in his ’88 triple E. Great RV even if it is a little posh for my taste. I also brought my companion and portable heater to stay in the hammock with me. Had a really great time, and starting to learn more about hammocking. It was much too humid even at -4C to be running my reflector pad, and I was greeted with a fair bit of condensation on the bottom of my quilt.



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